Sunday, 29 April 2012


CreativeWritingMatters is moving house and may be off-line for a bit. I've re-built the site but have to get the domain live again with a new host. Hopefully that will go smoothly and won't take long.

There's good things ahead, including the novel writing workshop with Karen Hayes on June 16th. Here is   Karen's profile:

Karen Hayes has had eleven novels published, including two for children and two under the name of Karen Nelson; she's also published short stories and a collection of poetry. She is a tutor for the Arvon Foundation as well as teaching numerous workshops both here and abroad, and used to teach Creative Writing at Exeter University. Karen has also worked as a ghost writer on four books, including Johnny Kingdom's latest, The Myths and Legends of the West Country.

I can also say from first hand experience that she is a very inspiring tutor and the workshop will be fun as well as fruitful.

Please email me if you are interested at

EDIT: This email address is working now. Thanks to those who flagged up the difficulty.

I'm also running the Flash Fiction competition again. It will be free to enter again. More soon!

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