Tuesday, 28 September 2010


If you're a new student, then welcome to my blog. You will see that I have been rather intermittent in my blogging lately so I will direct to the old posts in order to make your trip here worthwhile.

For those of you who thought it was worth fetching up here again, I am flattered! But maybe you just clicked somewhere by mistake.

My excuse is...actually no excuse. Other things happening. I'll keep you posted. Honest.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Season of lists and creative writing classes

Leaves turning, mist in the morning, it can only mean one thing. Classes start again soon.

The Exeter College brochure is available to download from http://www.exe-coll.ac.uk/Adults/

I can't get the link to work this morning but if you paste in that address to Google it should come up. My Creative Writing classes are all listed on Pages 34 and 35.

I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new writers.