Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Pinch of Salt

I like Salt a lot. Not on my food (except chips) but the readable kind. Those splendid books published by Salt. I have no connections to this fine independent publishing house. This is not a toady blog, in which I try to ingratiate myself to them in the hope they would be interested in my work. No. I really do like their books and they are the place to go for short stories.
The very excellent Tania Hershmann's collection of stories and flash fiction, The White Road, which featured last week on Radio 4 is an example.
They also have produced an excellent book on the craft of writing short stories which I have blogged about before entitled, Short Circuit. It's a hugely informative collection of essays by major prize winning authors of this genre and anyone writing in it would be wise to own a copy.
In fact, I recommend buying a Salt book this very minute! Last year they ran their Just One Book to keep them in business. It worked. Hurrah! But this year they are back with Just One More Book. I hope they survive. Hop over to the Salt Website and check out their books.


  1. You've convinced me, Cathie. I'll get a copy of Short Circuit, am sure I will learn something useful, or rather lots of things.

  2. That's great, Margaret. I hope you like it. We will discuss!