Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Experimenting with Linguoge

Usually I write a blog and then think of a title that's pertinent. Today, I'm wondering if the title I've just typed might just be enough.

Nope? No such luck.

It isn't about spelling, allthow speling iz impourtent.

It's about giving a reader a smooth ride. When I was learning to drive my instructor said that during my test, the way to pass was to give the examiner a smooth ride round the course. He/she should feel safe in my hands.

I also want to read without having to apply the brakes suddenly in order to work out the meaning of a sentence. Clumsy, ostentatious vocabulary is rather like having a big stone hit the windscreen, ambiguity is like sliding over a patch of ice.

Sometimes my progress through a story is impeded by beautiful, imaginative language. I have to stop, go back, read again and maybe again, but isn't it great to stop and admire a wonderful view. And isn't the journey enriched by the pause rather than impoverished?


  1. I just commented on another post about how pretentious people drive me nuts! Pretentious language drives me nuts as well. Beautiful language is different - it doesn't go out of its way to be annoying. Rather - it flows and gives me a picture to enjoy :)