Saturday, 27 February 2010


Don't laugh. I'm still at it. I was strongly advised by my illustrious author friend that now is the time to take the time and be meticulous about every aspect of my novel submission because if it does get picked up, I won't have the luxury of time again.

That's a very encouraging thing for me to hear. True, my pride and joy might get thrown on the slush pile but it's nice to have the support of someone in the field. In fact, I have the support of two successful (that means money earning) authors!

How can I not do my very best? Everything has to be picked over. Why that comma? Have I indented everything correctly? Is the paper in the printer straight? Why does he/she say that? What's the point of describing her shoes/bathroom cabinet/coffin? Will the reader want to turn the page? Then the next page...

Trust me, I'm not prevaricating! The champagne is in the fridge. That's just for posting it. I'm a strong believer in rewarding effort.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'm still tweaking the novel ready of submission. I know I said I'd finished but I lied. Not that I knew that then.

Changing something at the beginning of a novel is a risky business. The consequences may not become apparent until fifty thousand words later. Thank goodness for software like Scrivener (mac only, link on the left) that allows you to click between chapters and a corkboard with every chapter's synopsis laid out on cards. Saves a lot of fiddling with post-its and scrolling through yards of text.

What's also pleasing is that the company that developed Scrivener is based just down the road in Truro.

Now, back to the tweaking.