Sunday, 10 January 2010


Bloody hell! I've sent out a load of party invitations and I haven't done any tidying or got any games to play.

But anyone who calls is very welcome. Hellooo!

First things first, let's raise a glass to the birthday girl, the wonderful Nicola Morgan whose blog, Help I need a Publisher (link below left) I regularly read because of its excellent wiseness about all writery things.

Ignore the cobwebs in the corners here. I can do sentences, but I'm rather slow.


  1. Just popped in from Nicola's blog-birthday party to say 'Hello!. What a great idea to have a blog party! I've been having a wonderful time meeting lots of fellow-bloggers. My eyes are tired now from staring at the screen, but I'll be back here soon to read some more of your interesting postings.

  2. Hello from the Nicola's blog party! So happy to meet you.

    I live in the USA (Washington, DC) and the writerly things on my blog involve short fiction.

    I look forward to reading your postings!

    Oh! And your place looks lovely. :)

  3. Hi - I'm over from Nicola's as well. Can't see a single cobweb :)

    I'm in Canada & I'm enjoying meeting folks from the UK!

  4. Hi Cathie!

    Thanks for dropping my my blog earlier - returning the favour! I've become a follower so I look forward to reading more!

  5. Hi Cathie
    I’ve just landed here via Nicola’s e-party- I was intrigued to see that your ‘inspiration’ picture is one that inspires me too – I bought the p.c. of it in the Art Gallery in Edinburgh ages ago and it’s still stuck with blue tack on the wall near my writing desk.
    I’ll be following you on Twitter as I want to come back and read more of your posts, but meanwhile I must zip back to Nicola’s and mingle with a few more of her guests.
    If you are interested in other writers and their struggle to get published, and then what happens after that hurdle has been jumped, you can visit my blog, Writing Matters by clicking here.

  6. Hello nice visitors! Wasn't this just the most splendid idea of Nicola's?

    It's lovely to see you here. If you really want to read any of my posts then I suggest you go back a while. Somehow I found the time last year to write more than a few sentences but I'm absolutely not going to make a resolution about writing more here because I know I'd break it.

    But what I will do is call in on you all from time to time. I'm amazed at everyone's industry in this blogging world. You're all so interesting too. Thanks again for making the trip here.

  7. Purrowling in from the blog-birthday party - yes, defurrnitely a spurrlendid idea!