Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Good Luck, Me!

I posted off two stories this morning with the usual 'good luck, me' mantra that I do, very much in the same way that Rafa Nadal has to fiddle with his socks, or is it his shoes before he goes on court? What? You mean I can't put myself and Rafa in the same sentence? Pah! Of course, I can. Because I'm the one doing the writing, see. So I can do anything.

Sometimes, putting two disparate things in close proximity can be really dynamic and spark off a whole sequence of events. It could be humorous or disastrous, the beginnings of a love affair, a feud or even a war.

Perhaps I should call my new novel, Rafa Nadal and the Invisible Woman.


  1. You can most certainly put yourself in the same sentence as Rafa. I'll join you ... although I'd rather be in the same sentence as Federer!

    Good luck with your stories!

  2. Thanks, Jemi. I'm with you about Federer, to be honest but Rafa's more hunky and with human neuroses so was a better example. Roger's a god! :)

  3. Yes, Roger is indeed a god, but maybe he fiddles with his socks when we're not looking? Good luck with your own sock fiddling, anyway!

  4. Thanks Margaret. Socks need sorting, all muddly at the moment.