Saturday, 9 January 2010


Today was housework day here. Tidy up, make the font a bit bigger, write something apposite or possibly humorous... And what happened?

I have writer's block. More specifically, I have writer's toilet block. No, not one of things you put under the rim. My toilet is blocked. Consequently, I have spent most of the afternoon in my sturdy rubber gloves endeavouring to get the bloody thing unblocked. Oddly, having defrosted the hose-pipe and cleared the smelly stuff under the manhole cover, the flush is still slow. Why is this?? It has to be weather related. Yes, I know. Obvious probably.

What? You think this is all a case of displacement activity? You think I'd rather be doing that than writing?

Noooooo! I'm perfectly happy writing, no block at all!

But it's amazing the number of times I read a piece of work that is ambiguous in its meaning. Perhaps I should have just said, no blog today because my toilet's blocked. But that would have been really crap, wouldn't it?

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