Saturday, 28 November 2009

What is it about short stories?

I've just added another blog to the list below. THE ELEPHANT IN THE WRITING ROOM has got a wonderful post on the writing of short stories. It features a story by Vanessa Gebbie which I would recommend you get hold of but don't be put off reading the blog. It contains many wise words about what makes a good short story.
Go now. Go on.
Scroll down...on the left.


  1. Hi Cathie

    Thanks for the mention - it was a great privilege to be selected by Sally for this exercise.

    all best, and happy writing and workshopping -


  2. Thank you, Vanessa. Words from a glass bubble is a wonderful story. But then, I liked the next one about the chimney. Oh, and the one after that at the seaside and then the next one...
    It was a happy moment of serendipity that the blog appeared and I had your book on my 'to read' heap.