Monday, 5 October 2009


A word of warning about emulating the habits of other novelists. I got up faithfully every morning at six to write having heard that the mind is clearer, the world is quieter, no interruptions etc. All of which is true. It's also true that never in my life have I been a lark but I enjoyed the early mornings very much. It was quieter, my mind certainly was, in fact, my mind was so quiet I'm now wondering if it was actually still asleep. Why do I think this? Because my writing was horrendously sloppy! That's why the redraft and proof have been so painful. Stupid mistakes, spelling errors (and I'm not that great when on top form), the dread repetition...

Next novel, I will write when fully awake. I might save myself a whole load of time.


  1. Hi Cathie
    Thanks for the tweet this morning - I've come over to your blog and like it a lot. AND you live in exeter - my parents live in Shobrooke, so Exeter is their city. I don't go there often, I'm afraid, and when i do the trip tends to be full-on family stuff, but if I was ever there for longer and had some time I'd let you know and we could have coffee or something. (Except that your twitter avatar is very scary!)

  2. Why thanks, Nicola. I am a big fan of your Batship and always direct my students towards your blog. Mine's been very thin over the holidays.
    I'd love to meet for coffee one day but, goodness, if you think my avatar is scary, what about all those boots of yours?