Friday, 14 August 2009

Chop chop!

I'm back home after a couple of weeks away. I didn't write more than a couple of sentences in all that time either. Tell a lie, I wrote a postcard and a birthday card. On the train home I wrote the opening to a story that I am going to scrap. It's a good story but I got the slant wrong. I think. It could be that I've written the two pages that happen before the beginning. I do that quite often, rather like going on too long after the end. Both are easy traps to fall into. Now, when I think I've finished a story, I try out different places that could serve as the beginning and the same for the end. It's amazing how many paragraphs are surplus to requirements.

One day, I might try amalgamating all the bits left over. Something serendipitous and fun might occur, like the odd shape jam tarts made from the pastry cut off a flan.

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