Tuesday, 7 July 2009

On being shortlisted

Last week I had a call from a lovely friend and ex-student of mine; Janet Kipling writes the very entertaining and informative yoga blog, Sex and the Citta Vritti linked to on the left. She was in a state of high excitement because she'd just heard that she'd been short listed for the Woman & Home magazine short story competition. I was thrilled for her! And also stunned because I'd just heard that I was short listed too, for the third time.

Now we are waiting to hear if either of us have won the big prize.

I confess that my ambition, Captain Burning Steel, pictured on the left at the bottom of the page, has been sharpening up her flame thrower. I'm not going to do all that coy, oh, I won't mind if I don't win, stuff. I really do want to win! I note that Janet says on her blog that she's not at all attached to winning. Sigh! I really should be a better person. Or maybe I ought to take up yoga...


  1. I really want you to win, too! :-)

  2. Aww, thanks. I shall be shouting from the virtual rooftops if I do!