Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Said, the Invincible Invisible.

Said is a superhero. In fact, I am thinking of making him come alive at the Superhero Factory linked to on the left. Said is responsible for all of our dialogue making sense in that very self effacing way of his that makes him so attractive and powerful. Said, you are my brother in arms.

Consider this dialogue:
'You've given my dialogue homework a D!' exclaimed Vlad.
'Because it was rubbish!' scoffed Ms Teacher.
'But you're supposed to be supportive and kind' Vlad protested.
'Pffft,' sneered Ms Teacher, 'I was. On a bad day you'd have got an F!'

Exclaimed, scoffed, protested and sneered. Charming words and so overwhelming in this context that if it weren't for the sheer and unmistakable brilliance of my witty dialogue, you may have slid over what the conversation was about altogether.

In some contemporary fiction, who says what, is used sparingly or missed out altogether and the reader has to take care to follow. Usually the quality of penmanship is high in these cases and Said only makes an occasional appearance for clarity's sake. (Clarity, another Superhero) When Said steps in we follow with ease. We don't get distracted away from the conversation and all's well with the world.

'Hurrah!' said Vlad, 'you've given me an A'
'That's because you're a star in the firmament that is my class and you deserved it,' said Ms Teacher, but all the while she was wondering whether Said ought to have an axe or a flame-thrower.

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