Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sweating teeth

After writing the last blog, I spent a whole evening sweating over a particularly tricky chapter. Told myself I wasn't allowed to go to bed until I'd done it. My character's spat out their teeth as well as their words it seemed but I did write the bit that was most troublesome. It was the turning point in understanding of my heroine and she was in a confrontational scene. At the point where I had written the key passage, even though I hadn't finished the chapter, I went to bed.

Next morning, I romped through the rest of the chapter, easy as winking. I woke up thinking the worst was over and feeling optimistic. If I had given in the night before, I would have yet to face the difficulty.

It may well be that the whole thing gets redrafted and I end up editing out the chunk that gave me the most grief. It won't matter. What would matter is if I hung on to it because it gave me grief. It would be a poor book indeed if the reader could plot where the author got into trouble along the way.

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