Monday, 4 May 2009

Daily dilemma

I'm starting to think about the dilemma of my next class. That is, the dilemma of having dilemma as a theme. Should I research via Google or shall I go and look at my bookshelves in the hope that something occurs to me? Now, don't leap to the conclusion that Google is the best bet. My bookshelves are much more likely to come up with a more satisfactory way to go because I have actually read all the books on them so will therefore be able to start from a point of first hand knowing as opposed to second hand not really knowing. 
That does mean getting out of my chair and going upstairs to where my copious library resides. A trip that passes dangerously close to the kettle, will put me in sight of the piano and once upstairs, apart from on the way recognising the potential for the stair carpet to rise up and complain of neglect, I shall see the overflowing washing basket beckon. 
One of the myriad daily dilemmas I face. I'm so glad it isn't a matter of life and death. And they say you should write what you know. What? Is that you snoring?


  1. You could base a theme/homework on something topical like a nothing story like Swine flu, sars, bird flu, polish immigrants etc built up by the media to be the next 'big' scare story. You could ask your students to come up with something so minor, so 'nothing' if you will that the media builds up to be the next 'we are all going to die' story.
    Now if you don't mind I'm going to let a few pigs sneeze all over me. Hey we're all got our thing and this is mine lol :-)E)

  2. What a good idea, SiJ! I shall make a note. Funnily enough, I didn't do dilemmas after all. Life got in the way quite unexpectedly and I had to change course. We looked at betrayal instead, revenge is next week!

  3. those topical stories can be interesting, like those ones on Radio 4 From Fact to Fiction.

  4. Yes, that's something to remember too. Today's topic with one of my groups is going to be Sloth (we're doing the 7 Deadly Sins). I am wondering whether to turn up and say I couldn't be bothered to prepare anything!