Monday, 13 April 2009

All of a Perk.

It's holiday time and I'm feeling particularly perky this morning. The internet connection here is woeful and Twitter is over capacity. The weather is cloudy and in a minute I must get the ironing board out so that my outfit for this afternoon's family party doesn't look like a complete mess (note to self, buy crinkle fabric frocks in future). 
The reason I am feeling good is because I have a story in my head. I've worried away at the premise for a while and wrote the first couple of hundred words without knowing where I was going. Suddenly, I saw a chink of light. Now I am a happy Easter bunny. I hope you are too.


  1. It's a glorious thing isn't it? When you have that idea/story to share with the world. The problem I have had (and am having right now) is developing it from the initial idea/premise to a full, rounded, living & breathing story. I get the idea, scenes and/or characters but find it difficult in knowing the start-middle-end of it. Short stories I'm fine with but most of the story/character ideas I see in chapters of a novel that I don't know the plot of.
    But it is a beautiful thing when you get that premise of a tale to tell.

  2. I so understand what you are saying, SiJ. The elements of a story come fairly easily but the frame to hang them on remains elusive. When I read anything now, I think very hard about how the entire book is constructed. A few sentences usually covers it and that's the frame. Maybe I will craft my novel on post-its first but in both novels already written, I worked towards an end I had in mind. However, that end changed as I bore down upon it. I'd like to be more focused in my next novel, not because it was a bad way to work but because of the amount of time spent redrafting. Then again, I think that's how it goes for me. I think you have to do it to find out how you work.