Sunday, 8 March 2009

Give us a squeeze

I woke in the middle of last night feeling the need for a squeeze. Not a hug, not a cuddle, definitely a squeeze. The whole business exercised me for quite a while. Would the time come one day, when it wouldn't be even possible to have a squeeze, or be squeezed or feel the financial squeeze or be someone's squeeze? Apparently so. According to a study at Reading University(link on the left) squeeze is on the list of words destined to become obsolete. Now, I'm rather fond of the word so I'll just see if I can squeeze a few in before the end of this blog. 
I can imagine poets will be fed up about the lack of squeeze, no rhyming with tease or please or freeze or wheeze. will be tough.
Of course, our language evolves along with everything else. I delight in new words as a rule, the more the merrier, the more we can exactly say what we want to say; we will be able to squeeze subtle shades from our linguistic paint tubes not just primary colours (a tad forcing that one).
But there's another particular thing I like about squeeze - it starts with a kiss and ends with a smile. It does! Go on, say it.  


  1. How can a word become obsolete? Do people just stop using it? Squeeze were one of my favourite bands in the 80's, wonder what name they would have chosen had squeeze not been available to them.

    Keep up the good work Cathie, it's wonderful to read.

  2. One less word to get rid of the z in Scrabble and the q and all those loose vowels. Tut tut. Don't know where we'll be!

  3. I don't believe it. What will we do to lemons? And what about tight squeezes? Who are these people anyway? I think they are closet subversives trying to undermine our confidence In our words. We should make a point of using these so-called endangered words. Or maybe that's what they want...


  4. I think you've got a point there, Su. We need to keep these words roaming around free otherwise before you know it, they'll be locked up, squeezed into tight enclosures and only seeing the light of day in the occasional sonnet or somesuch.
    National Squeeze Day? The lemons would go for it, no probs. Have to look out for sour grapes though...

    ...runs away.